What’s cooking, January?

January seems like a month full of occasions. After the new year, we had the Lunar New Year at the beginning of the week, which means plenty of food to go around! Like Thanksgiving in the US, Christmas for the Christian and Lebaran for the Muslims, probably Chinese New Year is the occasion for those with Chinese ethnicity where food are aplenty and the time when the big family come to get together.

During the last few weeks, I also have a few requests to combine flavours in the dozen cupcakes they purchase. To enable more people trying out our cupcakes flavours, now you can combine 2 flavours in your dozen purchase!

Our Test Kitchen has been busy as well and is proud to put a stamp of approval to the latest addition of our cookies range. In time with the Chinese New Year Celebration – we introduce our crumbly, buttery Nastar (pineapple tart) with generous pineapple filling. It’s IDR 80,000/500 gram plastic jar and will fit to your special occasion (or the not-so-special ones). Treat yourself to this delectable tart or send it to your loved ones! Since pineapple is seasonal fruit, we’ll only be offering when it’s on season. Drop us a line if you want to taste some of this baked goodness right now!

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It tells a thousand words

Today was a hectic, stressful but fun day. It has been a while that I was under pressure and exercised crisis management after not doing so for months and months.  It is a good thing, I reckon – to feel the stress of what you do. That shows that you care about the thing you do and demand perfection.

I finally got around to take individual photos of each flavour of the cupcake since I made cupcakes sampler packs today. I hope it speaks more than the descriptions that you can read on the Menu page. So if you are a visual person, today is your day! 🙂  Previously, the order I have received opted the double chocolate flavour or plain vanilla flavour which is why there are no significantly different pictures in this blog.

Since I like things simple, there will be no crazy coloured frostings or funky names to these cuppies. It’s hard for me to remember non-indicative names and I think the simple naming will be better off for all of us  (besides, me and remembering names don’t really go together, even on people.) Although, for aesthetics’s sake I tweaked slightly a couple of the cuppies presentation just  so that it is a little different and to spice things up a bit. Tiny blue flower with edible dragee for Double Chocolate cuppies and peanut butter chocolate ball for Chocolate Peanut Butter cuppies (don’t you just absolutely love the combination of these two?)  I have done 5 photos out of the 7 flavours we offer on the menu. So here they are!

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A week into new year…

Well, it’s a week late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!  Now it’s a week into the new year, our kitchen is not at all low on activities. Hard at work, we have tried and tested a Double Chocolate Chip Chewy Cookies recipe. Inspired by Subway’s soft-baked cookies – the craving emerged and took the better of me. We made it bite-size as it is really chocolaty rich and really soft in the inside. Requests have been received to  make it crunchier. Notes are taken and if it’s not the improved recipe, I might just as well make the snap-crunchy version of it! I’m selling these for IDR 45,000 / 300 gr tube. No minimum purchase, but unless you’re picking it up from my humble abode it probably worth to buy extras to offset the delivery charges 🙂

Out of the 3 beautifully packed tubes, two packs  have been sold and deconstructed the third one into smaller sampler pack! Thank you for your feedback, it shows us that you care! *sending you a virtual hug*

Well… until next time!

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Need to say something?

Traditionally, you’d say it with flowers. But since you can’t eat flowers, say it with cupcakes instead. It gets the message across and the best part of all – it’s edible too! 🙂

The other day, a friend was ordering a dozen cupcakes to take to her friend’s birthday party. She asked if I the Cookies and Cream cupcakes could have a “Happy Birthday” fondant writing on top of it.

At Decadence Bakeshoppe, with every dozen purchase your fondant writing is free of charge for up to 15 characters. It’s enough characters to congratulate your best bud for a job well done or wishing your mate good luck.

Like the old saying says, “Little thought goes a long way.”

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What an eventful week!

‘Tis the day before Christmas, can you feel the joy all around? The past week has been pretty eventful and a new milestone has been reached! Happily did 3 baking project that keep me pretty busy. I’m not one to complain, I always wanted a more “active” lifestyle anyway! 🙂

Anyhow, the first project was for a charity gig to visit the elderly care home somewhere in Jakarta (I cannot remember exactly where the place is, but it’s definitely not a familiar area for me). The group wanted to celebrate Christmas and some of the elderly’s December birthdays. So I made a simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (with special request to hold the sugar! Obviously we do not want anything happens to any diabetic sufferers.) with whipped chocolate ganache and vanilla frosting respectively. The leftover cupcakes were happily eaten and brought home by friends.

The next project required a little bit more creativity on the packaging side. The request was to provide a dozen prettily packaged party favours with Christmas tag on each. Choosing Christmas coloured ribbons and a Christmas tag designed by none other than Jason Tan (Thanks, Tason!) for the packaging, I whipped my specialty of Chocolate Cupcakes. Nothing too fancy but I hope it brought joy to end a year!

The most challenging project to date was the 150 minis I baked for a really dear friend of mine (I threw in an extra 20 of her favourite Red Velvet!) Celebrating her sister’s birthday and lil’ bro farewell, she requested 150 mini cupcakes with assorted flavours and fondant writing. Never baked minis before, I thought how hard could this be, right? …. Right??! Apparently, with only a set of mini muffin pan it became pretty challenging (note to self: buy more pans!). But the joy is I get to bake different flavour of cupcakes and frostings and playing with colourful fondant. It took me back to kindergarten when you get to play with Play-Doh. Oh, what fun! Of course with 150 pcs to bake you don’t get to enjoy the ‘playing around’ part that much.  In the end, I baked her chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, cookies n cream and red velvet cupcakes with respective frostings on it  (some tinted for extra colour kick in the presentation!)

So that’s my eventful week to near Christmas to close the year. Ready for a new year ahead!

What an eventful week

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Cupcakes only?

During my short baking life, I have baked quite a few desserts from brownies, tiramisus, cheesecakes, panna cotta, macarons and several others. Most are a success that would make someone’s day and of course there are quite a few which turns out to be a total flop. Since the discovery of my huge passion and some talent in baking I have been focusing mainly in cupcakes. Trying and altering different recipes to find the perfect one.

In the business, I believe in specialisation. I thought, better focus on something and be really good at it rather than dabbing my hands on to different things and being a jane of all trades.

In the long run, I’d like to add more variety to the business. Maybe, I could play hosts to other aspiring bakers with different skill sets to contribute, providing sweet indulgence to the fellow sweet-tooth out there. How cool would that be, eh?

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Venturing into a new land of cookies

I found a recipe of a double chocolate chip cookies the other day. Being a chocoholic and a bias baker that I am – I decided to try out the cookie recipe. One always love a good chocolate cookies anyway, right?

It is rich, thick and slightly chewy with strong chocolate flavour. Of course, being me – I added a little bit more cocoa powder than what the recipe calls for! 🙂 These turn out a bit larger than I expected, but hey I cannot complain with such chocolatey baked goodness!

Chewy double chocolate chip cookiesDecadence Bakeshoppe is currently a fictional bake shop but I’m hoping to get some real business going under this brand some time soon! The entrepreneurial spirit in me cannot be contained while my balls need to catch up fast to make the leap! 🙂

Credits for photo template goes to Pugly Pixels!

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When you have too much time on your hands….

…. you get crafty and you get baking! 🙂

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