Cupcakes only?

During my short baking life, I have baked quite a few desserts from brownies, tiramisus, cheesecakes, panna cotta, macarons and several others. Most are a success that would make someone’s day and of course there are quite a few which turns out to be a total flop. Since the discovery of my huge passion and some talent in baking I have been focusing mainly in cupcakes. Trying and altering different recipes to find the perfect one.

In the business, I believe in specialisation. I thought, better focus on something and be really good at it rather than dabbing my hands on to different things and being a jane of all trades.

In the long run, I’d like to add more variety to the business. Maybe, I could play hosts to other aspiring bakers with different skill sets to contribute, providing sweet indulgence to the fellow sweet-tooth out there. How cool would that be, eh?

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