What an eventful week!

‘Tis the day before Christmas, can you feel the joy all around? The past week has been pretty eventful and a new milestone has been reached! Happily did 3 baking project that keep me pretty busy. I’m not one to complain, I always wanted a more “active” lifestyle anyway! 🙂

Anyhow, the first project was for a charity gig to visit the elderly care home somewhere in Jakarta (I cannot remember exactly where the place is, but it’s definitely not a familiar area for me). The group wanted to celebrate Christmas and some of the elderly’s December birthdays. So I made a simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (with special request to hold the sugar! Obviously we do not want anything happens to any diabetic sufferers.) with whipped chocolate ganache and vanilla frosting respectively. The leftover cupcakes were happily eaten and brought home by friends.

The next project required a little bit more creativity on the packaging side. The request was to provide a dozen prettily packaged party favours with Christmas tag on each. Choosing Christmas coloured ribbons and a Christmas tag designed by none other than Jason Tan (Thanks, Tason!) for the packaging, I whipped my specialty of Chocolate Cupcakes. Nothing too fancy but I hope it brought joy to end a year!

The most challenging project to date was the 150 minis I baked for a really dear friend of mine (I threw in an extra 20 of her favourite Red Velvet!) Celebrating her sister’s birthday and lil’ bro farewell, she requested 150 mini cupcakes with assorted flavours and fondant writing. Never baked minis before, I thought how hard could this be, right? …. Right??! Apparently, with only a set of mini muffin pan it became pretty challenging (note to self: buy more pans!). But the joy is I get to bake different flavour of cupcakes and frostings and playing with colourful fondant. It took me back to kindergarten when you get to play with Play-Doh. Oh, what fun! Of course with 150 pcs to bake you don’t get to enjoy the ‘playing around’ part that much.  In the end, I baked her chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, cookies n cream and red velvet cupcakes with respective frostings on it  (some tinted for extra colour kick in the presentation!)

So that’s my eventful week to near Christmas to close the year. Ready for a new year ahead!

What an eventful week

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