A week into new year…

Well, it’s a week late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!  Now it’s a week into the new year, our kitchen is not at all low on activities. Hard at work, we have tried and tested a Double Chocolate Chip Chewy Cookies recipe. Inspired by Subway’s soft-baked cookies – the craving emerged and took the better of me. We made it bite-size as it is really chocolaty rich and really soft in the inside. Requests have been received to  make it crunchier. Notes are taken and if it’s not the improved recipe, I might just as well make the snap-crunchy version of it! I’m selling these for IDR 45,000 / 300 gr tube. No minimum purchase, but unless you’re picking it up from my humble abode it probably worth to buy extras to offset the delivery charges 🙂

Out of the 3 beautifully packed tubes, two packs  have been sold and deconstructed the third one into smaller sampler pack! Thank you for your feedback, it shows us that you care! *sending you a virtual hug*

Well… until next time!

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