What’s cooking, January?

January seems like a month full of occasions. After the new year, we had the Lunar New Year at the beginning of the week, which means plenty of food to go around! Like Thanksgiving in the US, Christmas for the Christian and Lebaran for the Muslims, probably Chinese New Year is the occasion for those with Chinese ethnicity where food are aplenty and the time when the big family come to get together.

During the last few weeks, I also have a few requests to combine flavours in the dozen cupcakes they purchase. To enable more people trying out our cupcakes flavours, now you can combine 2 flavours in your dozen purchase!

Our Test Kitchen has been busy as well and is proud to put a stamp of approval to the latest addition of our cookies range. In time with the Chinese New Year Celebration – we introduce our crumbly, buttery Nastar (pineapple tart) with generous pineapple filling. It’s IDR 80,000/500 gram plastic jar and will fit to your special occasion (or the not-so-special ones). Treat yourself to this delectable tart or send it to your loved ones! Since pineapple is seasonal fruit, we’ll only be offering when it’s on season. Drop us a line if you want to taste some of this baked goodness right now!

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