Menu & Price list


Double Chocolate Chewy
Bite-size double  chocolate chip cookies that is soft on the inside. Rich with chocolate flavour and generous helping of chocolate chip to add to the fun!

IDR 45,000 / tube (approx. weight is 300 grams). No minimum  order.

Nastar (Pineapple tart)
Crumbly, buttery tart balls filled with generous portion of pineapple filling that melts in your mouth. This one will make you crave for more.

IDR 80,000 / tube (approx. weight is 500 grams). No minimum  order.



Chocolate cake topped with vanilla frosting. Perfect for you who prefer a balanced palate!

Classic Vanilla
Soft vanilla cake with vanilla frosting on top for the vanilla lover.

Double Chocolate
Moist chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache on top will indulge all choco addicts.

Cookies And Cream
Oreo cake with oreo buttercream on top, giving you an excellent way to eat your Oreo!


Red Velvet
Moist red velvet cake with classic vanilla cream cheese, an old-time favourite!

Double Chocolate Rum
All the goodness of double chocolate cupcake, tripled with the extra kick from real rum both in the cake and the frosting. No essence nonsense in the baking, so please be aware that this product contains alcohol.

Chocolate PB
You cannot go wrong with this combination. Chocolate cake with a hint of peanut butter flavor topped with peanut butter frosting! Perfect choice for any occasion.


Regular Flavours: IDR 168,000/doz
Premium Flavours: IDR 192,000/doz

Order only by the dozen and you can combine 2 flavours in a dozen purchase.

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